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Dr. Lefkowitz, by using the most gentle of techniques, is able to somehow get dramatic results.

I came here in pain. A few minutes later, after seeing Dr. Lefkowitz, I am leaving feeling so much better.

I don’t know how he knows exactly what to do, but he does. I would recommend him to anyone with back/neck discomfort because I know he will fix them!

-Sandy E.


When I came into this office I was unable to walk, move or drive. To get inside or out of the car was a nightmare. I couldn’t function at all. I had said to my mother that I did not want to live if I was going to be in such back pain.

Fortunately, within three weeks of coming to see Dr. Lefkowitz, I was able to go back to my normal duties. Coming here changed my life.

-Millie R.


Three months ago I developed the worst case of sciatica I had ever experienced. Unlike past times, the pain only continued to worsen, no matter what I did. First, I became unable to sit in a chair, then I couldn’t stand, then even lying down was excruciating. The pain was indescribable….And there was no end in sight, no drug gave me relief and all seemed hopeless.

I began treatment with Dr. Lefkowitz. On his advice, I received an MRI, which revealed five herniated sics, two so severely herniated that they were impinging on my spinal cord, causing the unbearable pain. The medical doctor ordered me to immediately report to an osteopathic surgeon to arrange an immediate operation. Two other health specialists said it was the worst MRI results they’d seen – one thought I had been hit by a truck! (Which I wasn’t.)

Dr. Harry stated with some certainty to me that we could handle the situation…I agreed to attempt a totally nonsurgical solution. I carried on despite my own cries to just get the operation and get it over with. I did not think I could take it anymore.

But with great care from Dr. Harry, exercises to help this condition, diet, vitamins…I actually began to see improvement!….By the second to third month, I began to see noticeable improvements. Then I began to experience unbelievable improvements. I could stand again, then walk, then sit! Doesn’t’ sound like much but believe me, after resigning myself to this condition, not knowing if it would ever improve, if I could ever hold my child again or do the normal things in life – this was a miracle! My recovery defied the medical opinion of this condition and even defied the prognosis of some natural health care opinions!

I am very grateful to Dr. Lefkowitz and his staff for hanging in there with me, for really caring and above all, for getting me back into my life, virtually PAIN FREE!!! I cannot express enough my appreciation for all you have done.

-Jim M.


My 6-year old daughter was very hyper. It seemed to start some time after she had a head injury. She could not sit still in school and at night slept restlessly, waking up frequently. She fell out of bed at least once a night. I eventually put a mattress on the floor next to her bed, so she wouldn’t hurt herself.

Dr. Lefkowitz was recommended to me as a specialist in treating children. So I took her to see him. She liked him right away, enjoyed her office visit and looked forward to coming back.  After her first adjustment, she slept peacefully through the entire night and did not fall out of bed ever again.  That alone was a miracle.

Dr. Lefkowitz subsequently did some very thorough testing with my daughter and isolated some food allergies and other nutritional areas to be corrected. Between the frequent, specialized adjustments and nutritional handling, within 6 weeks she was a “normal” child. The restlessness never returned and she was able to concentrate and study in school.

Sharon R.


Dr. Harry was the angel who helped free me from my prison of pain and inability to move. He came every day to my house with his magic wand, the amazing ultrasound machine, and treated me in my own bed. After 4 days, I continued treatments in the office. I went back to work one week later.

-Rivka L.


I saw Dr. Lefkowitz yesterday because of acute pain in my left hip which had gotten so bad I was exhausted and even dreaming of the pain! I realized after a day on Advil I had to go in and see Dr. Harry immediately…which I did.

Dr. Lefkowitz applied heat, ultrasound and did a chiropractic adjustment and I slept through the night with no pain!

- Vicky A.


I am one of Dr. Harry’s biggest fans. He speeds up the healing process with his expertise and golden hands. Speaking of hands, I began to develop carpal tunnel pain from overusing the computer mouse. With one adjustment he fixed it. I couldn’t even turn my car key, and now I have full use of my hand. Thank you!

-Rita L.


I can’t thank you enough for treating me on an emergency basis on Thanksgiving Day. My back goes into spasm several times a year given my occupation. The recent episode that I experienced was unlike any other pain that I’ve ever had to deal with. The pain was sharp, piercing and interfered with my sleep cycle. Going to work on Wednesday to treat patients was almost unbearable. Needless to say that Thanksgiving plans had to be canceled.

Your treatment relieved my severe pain and the subsequent treatments placed me on my road to recovery. You are a true gem of a human being for going out of your way to attend to my discomfort on that day.

- Marc D, D.M.D. (Dentist)


I came to see Dr. Lefkowitz to try to get help with my insomnia. Over the past 3 weeks it had gotten so bad that I was literally only getting 1-2 hours of sleep.

He adjusted me and told me what supplements to take. Well, last night I slept for 7 hours for the first time! It was amazing. My extreme gratitude to Dr Lefkowitz for helping me!

- Maryann H.


I had bad back pain every day since I had an accident….I fell down from the #58 bus stairs and I hurt my right side of my body. I got bad bruises.

Dr. Lefkowitz started my treatment and 2 weeks later my back was in good shape. I had no pain since that time. I can move freely. Thank you, Dr. Lefkowitz.

-Elizabeth W.


We both know that I couldn’t walk or sit for 3 weeks – 1 inch from surgery. But as you did in 2003 – you saved me again – you are modest and wonderful in your work and as a person!

-Kevin A.


Got into a car accident during my pregnancy, and hurt my back and neck. It was very, very painful and scary because of my pregnancy. I could not sleep at night, could not sit, could not stand. It was horrible.

After the first couple of weeks, I realized that my pain was reducing and he was helping me a lot. I was able to enjoy my pregnancy again. I really have no idea what I would have done without Dr. Lefkowitz. I am so thankful to him.

-Tinatin S.


Some weeks ago I had some very bad lower back pain, ankle pain and onsset of sciatica. I was seen by Harry that day…I was then told to come every day which I did and by the 3rd or 4th visit all the pain was gone! It was the fastest I ever had that much pain go away.

-Gloria M.


Reason for beginning chiropractic care: Back pain due to injury, fibromyalgia (chronic muscle and joint pain), fatigue, food sensitivities. I began experiencing these problems 25 years ago. At its worst, I was in extreme pain twenty-four hours a day. I did not have a life for many years.

In the two years I have been treated by Dr. Harry I have seen many changes. I can vacuum, wash floors on my hands and knees, rake, shovel, carry laundry, do yoga and stretch. Dr. Harry has helped me with my food allergies and has recommended the appropriate supplements. His treatments give me instant relief and more energy. I am mentally clearer.

-Irene A.


Reason for beginning chiropractic care: injury to back. It affected my job and the quality of my life. I was always in pain and couldn’t do the things I used to. I was told I had arthritis and they wanted me to go on medication.

After chiropractic care: The pain has just about diminished! I am a much happier person and can now do my job with the joy I had previously. I know now that I will not end up in a wheelchair!

-Janice B.


Thank you so much for solving the problem with my big toe. I had pain so bad that I was unable to wear shoes for weeks. Initially I consulted a chiropodist (foot doctor) for the problem. He said I had a bad infection and recommended Epsom salt soaks twice a day. I also applied Bacitracin. I followed his suggestion for at least two weeks but the pain continued and all of my shoes continued to hurt.

I saw you only once – your diagnosis was bursitis, ie, tendinitis. You performed your “magic” and by the very next day the pain ceased and I could now wear shoes.

-Audrey G.


I came in yesterday with a horrible sore left arm that was freezing up. Dr. Lefkowitz gave me one adjustment, and I have almost no pain and my arm has greater mobility, and that stiff, freezing up feeling is gone!

-Andrea L.


For the last twenty years I have tried to diet and exercise off ten pesky pounds but was never able to lose the weight. The diets would leave my hungry, tired and cranky. The exercise would leave me sore and because I never saw any real results I would abandon my exercise routine within a few months. During one of my visits I complained to Dr. Lefkowitz how tired I was and he suggested that I might have food allergies. Sure enough, I was slightly allergic to three very common food ingredients….

I cut them out of my diet and within two weeks I found my energy level had increased noticeably. In addition to that, I noticed that I started to lose weight. Within the first month, without any additional dieting or exercise, I had lost approximately ten pounds. Since then I have lost an additional five pounds. Thank you, Dr. Lefkowitz, you’re the best!

-Cheryl A.


I would just like to say that Dr. Lefkowitz and his wife are wonderful. I came to the office in extreme back pain, barely able to walk several weeks ago. Dr. Harry and Susan began a treatment plan with me and as a result I am now upright and walking.  Their care has been above and beyond. I could not possibly thank them enough for all that they have been doing to keep me on the road to recovery.

I highly recommend anyone seeking chiropractic care to venture into Dr. Lefkowitz’s office and start! I promise you relief and wellness.

-Margaret M.


For almost two months I’ve been upset, with no way to handle it. I was getting old and that was the hard truth.  My body was having the aches and pains that go along with aging. I felt I had to swallow the fact that I was going to live with this lower back pain for the rest of my life.

My husband told me to come see you…. You told me you could handle it. You did. It was magic. All weekend I kept saying to my family, “I can’t believe it!” “I’m fine!” “I have no pain in my back!” Is it a miracle? No – I think it’s just extreme competence. You are a great chiropractor. The best.

-Sandy E.